ZMC International

What is ZoomScope is a server based software platform made for use by ZMC International, its distributors and dealers. From the ground up ZoomScope™ has been custom built by ZMC International in order to facilitate the operation of ZMC product distribution, sales and services. The system provides a central hub for all ZMC information processing and data collection from manufacturing and quality control to sales, logistics, warranties, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tracking and much more.

For distributors, ZoomScope™ is an organizational tool for sales, logistics, inventory, parts and account management. It is a conduit for new and existing distributors to grow their sales and increase dealer networks within a complete Customer Relations Management (CRM) and lead management (LM) system, keeping them in direct contact with ZMC International at all times. ZoomScope also serves as a real time parts management system complete with auto-notification and auto-ordering functions to help ensure that a distributor has minimum volumes of all parts in stock. For more information on how ZoomScope can streamline your business, please see Distributor's Prospective.

For dealers, ZoomScope™ serves as a base of operational management, allowing assigned account holders to manage product orders, inventories, customers, sales, service, warranties, VIN's, and keeps them in arms reach of their distributors at all times. For complete details of what ZoomScope has to offer dealers, please see Dealer's Prospective.

Why Use ZoomScope

Only by forging lasting supplier-distributor and distributor-dealer relationships can we grow together at maximum efficiency. ZoomScope™ has been purpose built to create a flow of data from our customers, dealers and distributors directly to the account managers, administration, research and engineering teams at ZMC. Understanding the importance of this system it is easy to see why the ZMC software team is here to help. ZMC encourages feedback on our ZoomScope™ system from all user levels. With a dedicated ZoomScope™ Question/Comment/Suggestion contact section and live support, we are here to make sure distributors, dealers and customers are using our system at its fullest, maximizing growth and streamlining operations for everyone!

Only through the proper use of these industry leading systems can we truly ensure that we can and will continue to provide the highest value to that which matters most to our company, our customers. If there is a question with ZMC products or systems, we want to provide an answer!

How To Use ZoomScope

Although intuitive, ZoomScope has many functions that we want to make sure you use to their fullest. Download the ZoomScope help file for a more detailed breakdown: