ZMC International

A Dealer's Perspective

At ZMC International, we are committed to product development, rigorous engineering and the continual testing of every product we sell. Combined with our dedication to customer service and our experienced distribution network, the ZoomScope™ system is paramount in providing every distributor’s dealers a focused platform allowing for the continual growth of sales and consumer loyalty networks. A dealer can grow with confidence knowing that ZoomScope is always one step ahead, keeping focus on what matters; the understanding of product, the expansion of sales and the provision of first class sales and service to their growing consumer loyalty networks.

From small dealerships with limited staff to large multi location service and sales centers, ZoomScope is a complete efficiency and organizational tool. Used to its fullest, ZoomScope™ will ensure that every customer’s needs are addressed and every machine sold continues to build the ZMC legacy through your dealer and their satisfied customers. The following content summarizes ZoomScope™ functions according to each employee job designation within a dealership.

Administrator: This is the top position within a dealership organization. It is standard for a dealership to have one primary administrator who is responsible for assigning the various roles and access level within their internal operational network. The administrator’s role is to create the individual usernames, passwords and to assign available job roles for each employee. Job roles assigned will determine access levels to the various types of information stored in ZoomScope™. The administrator can assign multiple job designations and access levels to one employee or a single job designation and access level to multiple personnel. The administrator can access all levels, view all information and perform all actions within the ZoomScope™ system available to “dealer” class users and pertaining to their particular dealer account.

Purchasing Agent: The purchasing agents can submit product and parts orders to their respective distributor. A purchasing agent can select required products, parts and quantities and submit completed orders to their distributor for delivery and notification of delivery schedule(s).

Sales Manager: Sales managers can perform all actions specified for sales agent. In addition a sales manager also has access to view all information pertaining to the consumer accounts held by sales agents under their supervision.

Sales Representative: Sales agents can access and modify details within the ZoomScope™ customer relations management system. Sales agents are responsible for managing all sales contacts. The contact management system allows agents to enter new contacts and modify existing contacts. Agents can insert time stamped comments for each contact and upgrade contact profiles to customer accounts upon sale.

Receptionist: Receptionists can access and modify the customer relations management system within ZoomScope™. New general (non-sales related) inbound contacts can be added and existing contacts updated. Receptionists can enter time stamped comments for contacts and if necessary assign them to their respective departments for customer management.

Warehouse Manager: Warehouse managers can receive shipments from their distributor and access pending orders within the ZoomScope™ shipment screen. During unloading of a shipment the warehouse manager can load purchase orders corresponding to a particular shipment and check off the products/parts as they are unloaded. They can mark the shipment as partially received or fully received and the respective inventories will be added into the dealers system. Warehouse managers can submit and modify customer purchase orders to be prepared for assembly by the service department. Warehouse managers can update order status such as “order pending” and “available for assembly”.

Warehouse Clerk: Warehouse clerks have all the same viewing privileges as warehouse managers. They can add time stamped comments to shipments but have no authority to modify shipment status or features.

Service Manager: Service mangers can create and modify content pertaining to the service and warranty management system within ZoomScope™. Service managers will receive pending PDA (Pre Delivery Assembly) notifications and requested customer pick up date after a sale is made and the product is in warehouse stock. The service managers are responsible for completing the PDA checklist inside ZoomScope and marking orders as “pending” or “ready for pickup”. Upon customer pickup the service manager is responsible for marking the order as “received” by the customer which will commence the warranty process. Service managers are responsible for logging any warranty issues in ZoomScope by Customer and VIN according to the defective component(s). ZMC International also endorses service managers to log any custom non-parts replacement or non-warranty related issues pertaining to machines sold in ZoomScope such as “the straightening of a headlight bracket” or “handle bar grips came loose after 3 years”. These practices are not essential but serve as secondary data for the continual development of higher performing and more reliable product.

Service Mechanic: Service mechanics have all the same viewing privileges as service managers. They can add time stamped comments to service accounts but have no authority to modify customer information, service or warranty details.