ZMC International

Provision of System Services

At ZMC we have a vision. We recognize that many companies large and small tend to focus very heavily on sales and can sometimes neglect the smaller intricacies and building blocks of a truly successful company. Letting sales get ahead of systems can be burdensome, making difficult some of the smaller features that can make the difference in providing a first class brand today and into the future. Critical features such as parts, warranties and the more intricate communications of product and system refinements can get lost as a company grows too fast. When all data from the smallest customer ceases to make its way to the top a company potential inevitably begins to experience its first limitations.

At ZMC we have started from theory and worked our way up. By partnering with experienced industry research leaders as well as faculty, staff and students from the University of Waterloo, world renown for its system programming and engineering expertise ZMC International has established an intellectual presence in the marketplace. Our many systems help to ensure that no communication is lost. Our evolving systems continually track and record data from every part, machine, customer, dealer and distributor. This allows us to view and track statistics on our products, systems, partners and customers from a real-time and long term basis. With our in-depth system technology serving as the platform for all operations, ZMC International is looking at an unlimited growth potential for ZMC products and affiliated brands.

ZoomScope System

ZoomScope™ is a server based software platform that is configured to allow for remote access for all levels of ZMC representatives. The program requires an internet connection and computer access. The program is mandatory in order to process warranty claims, make a purchase order, process product sales and track VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers) with all associated distributor, dealer and consumer contact information. The ZoomScope™ platform also contains a CRMS (Customer Relation Management System) which is extended for use to each distributor in order to track and maintain lead generating programs. See the ZoomScope Information page to learn more.

ZMC Online Service Program

Growing internet communities are seen by ZMC International as key areas to extend our reach and loyalty networks and to provide helpful insight on ZMC products and services. Forums and blog sites can serve as valuable libraries of resources available with growing histories of questions, answers and inputs for all types of distributors, dealers and customers. ZMC International dedicates funding and personnel for the purpose of monitoring recording and providing feedback within growing international ZMC affiliated forums. This is part of our ongoing commitment to collect and record information and to provide first rate customer satisfaction. Please visit for an example of the forum environment. The primary international website for ZMC products and services, has been constructed as a core method of communicating ZMC products, services and practices to our international audience. One of the primary focuses of the site is to communicate our product through detailed photography, specifications and options for every model. The site serves as an area to display our company history, goals and commitments in context of our distributors, dealers and customers. provides a portal to support services such as our software platform ZoomScope™, our parts system, our dealer locator and the growing number of sub-sites specifically created to support growth in a growing variety of countries and languages. The site also acts as a permanent contact hub to ZMC International available to all users.