ZMC International

Thinking of joining the ZMC distribution team? When a distributor is buying into the ZMC International system they are buying into a well researched product lineup, leading parts supply, new-age management software and a first class image with unrivalled brand representation.

The Program

Distributors receive a full line of youth ATVs and dirt bikes, mid ranged 300cc 2x4s and 4x4 and our fully equipped UTV lineup. Distributors are given a wide range of accessories that they can use to expand ZMC dealer loyalty networks and other brand networks that require accessory supply. Distributors are given a full parts system that they can use to grow parts loyalty networks for not only ZMC sales and service centers but also the thirsty dealers and consumers who have bought generic imported product and now need an avenue for parts supply. Our dirt bike, ATV and UTV lines are very well priced and constructed in order to give anyone with our stock a chance at higher margins and better MSRPs than the big brands while delivering a higher value of goods to their customers.

For distributors we provide dealer locators to drive national interest to their closest retail and/or service center. We also provide territorial protection to make sure that every distributor has all the territory they can properly supply and manage. MSRPs and dealer pricing are already pre-assigned with a 10-15% option for variance (promos, demo models etc) so distributors and national dealer sales rates are similar across each country.

At ZMC, we advertise heavily and are continuously growing our reputation for giving customers the best value for their money! Consumer and dealers cannot get enough of ZMC product, accessories and parts. We are always seeking more distributors to help us fill the overwhelming demand. A first class lineup, parts systems, unbeatable image, protected territories. ZMC has it all!

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